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Serving The  Community

Our Vision 


Our vision is to teach people the principles of Building a progressive Relationship with God that will Yield practical Christian maturity through faith and belief in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by developing their potential for spiritual growth. 

Building a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Redemptive work of God's son sacrifice upon the cross, his burial, and resurrection of authority sitting at the right hand of the throne of God brings internal and external healing to everyone who receives and believes. Caring for the whole person is our objective. 


The Refreshing Chruch is a church fellowship of diverse people with vast abilities, gifts, talents, and resources who have come together with the enjoined purpose to unite for God's glory in a single plan to reach in and out for humanities. The local and international scope of The Refreshing Chruch will utilize technologies as an evangelism tool for youth and undeveloped sectors of society with the Gospel.

It is our goal to develop Godly relationships by preaching and teaching the inspired word of God. While relying upon the Holy Spirit to quicken each person's heart, confession of mouth, repentance to God, and each person receive acceptance unto salvation.

Pastor Jake & Vanda Jacobs

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